Solar Charging Umbrella 
Solar Beach Umbrella
How many times have you gone to the beach for a day of fun in the sun only to have your cellular device run out of battery power. You miss those memorable photo opportunities of your friends and loved ones playing ij the sand and surf. You are unable to send those beautiful photographs to friends and family not with you at the beach.

Well with the SolisNovo Solar Charging Beach Umbrella you will have plenty of charge in your handheld, camera or even tablet computer for those idyllic days at the beach!

Projected Cost: $75 each. Pre-order Here:
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  1. Built-in Charging
    Nothing to turn on or worry about. It 'just works'!
  2. Plug 'N Play
    Just open the umbrella and you are ready to plug in and charge-up!
  3. Charge after Dark
    With built-in storage battery, you have pwer even after the sun goes down.
  4. Easy-Stor Feature
    No need to worry about stuffing everything back in the sack...just fold 'n go!